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Annual Forum

    CAFP(China Association of Fundraising Professionals) Annual Forum is the most important event for fundraising professionals in China. CAFP Annual Forum aims to promote communication and strengthen the skills of fundraisers. Every year, over 500 NGO leaders, fundraisers, professionals, and marketing specialists will attend the conference. Topics will include the career development of fundraisers, fundraising trends, fundraising theories, fundraising skills and codes of fundraising ethics, etc.

    Although fundraising in the western world has mature knowledge systems, professional certification systems, and development paths, fundraisers in China still need to "cross the river by feeling the stones" and exploring their direction in practice.

    At the same time, the commercial power represented by the internet business platform has greatly affected the fundraising mode and structure of the philanthropy industry in China. The values and ethical boundaries of the philanthropy field are also constantly affected and challenged by new phenomena and new problems.

    The conference is positioned as an industry event based on local and international perspectives and is actively promoted. The main objectives include: providing industry and career development prospects and trends, action guidelines, and application skills for NPOs and fundraisers. To clarify the current cognitive misunderstandings in the fundraising industry.



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